February 3, 2017

Soccer offers at Bet365 4th Feb 2017

We are over half way through the Premier League season for 2017 and it seems that a few teams are dominating the table, whilst others are slipping as we’d have expected. Take Liverpool for instance, they may have many trophies in their cabinet, but they still can’t manage to win the Premier League title. If you were to rank teams by their silverware – Liverpool would certainly come out on top, but Klopp seems to be slipping and so do the title hopes. So, Saturday 11th Feb sees Liverpool host the north London club of Tottenham Hotspurs – the two teams have met 151 times previously in the League and Cup game, with Liverpool winning 68 of those matches. Will Mingolet manage to keep his eyes on the ball during this fixture and carry Liverpool through with a much-needed victory?

Thrilling fixtures Bet365

There are so many fixtures taking place this weekend, some will have you biting your nails, whilst others will have you sat on the edge of your seat. Bet365 have you covered with the best odds around. Take a look at some of the exciting fixtures that are coming up;

Watford make the trip to Old Trafford this weekend as they play Manchester United. Mourhino seems to be rattled lately and has claimed that he is being treated differently to other Premier League managers. The Manchester United manager was certainly frustrated in the interview after his team’s 0-0 draw with Hull and made this simple statement before walking away from the cameras; “You know clearly I am different. The rules for me are different.” Watford and Manchester United have met a total of 27 times in the past and have lost 17 of those games, won 5 and drawn 5 – so will Watford manage to slip a win in past Mourhino’s boys and add another nail into his coffin?

The gunners host Hull City on Saturday 11th Feb, just like Mourhino, Arsene Wenger seems to be a little under pressure lately – especially from the fans. Since the Barclays Premier League began in 1992/1993, Arsenal have won the title three times, but the fans are not happy with the lack of winning coming from the manager. Arsenal sit comfortably in the table in the third position, whilst Hull dominate the wrong end of the table in 19th position. Will Hull add fuel to the fire and manage to upset a rattled Wenger once again?

Hands on the goodies

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