Coral World Cup Betting


Even those with just a passing interest in sports will be fully aware that this summer is going to be a rather special one. The Brazil World Cup 2014 is going to be amazing and those out there who enjoy a little or large bet on the whole shebang will probably be thinking about Corals. When it comes to a traditional bookmaker with both feet firmly in the present, Coral can easily tick all of the boxes, and then some!

If you are looking for some guidance with regards to your World Cup betting action, look no further because Coral will be more than happy to be in your corner for the whole spectacular event.

The Coral website has got every competitive sport under its considerable wing and there’s a whole bespoke category just for the FIFA extravaganza this summer. You can also find some very snazzy World Cup free betting options and how cool would it be to double up your investment just like that? Coral’s in-play market is legendary and we all know what a difference a stern half-time talking to can make to a football game. Or how about taking the odds for the next red card, because that would certainly be a favourite option if France and Italy go head to head again!

Coral also have some very tempting offers for the golden boot awards and who could argue with a little dabble on Lionel Messi winning that outright at a solid 8 to one? Of course, you could always use your World Cup free bet to back Mr Rooney, because after all, stranger things have happened! But the whole point of using Coral for your World Cup betting experience is the knowledge that they will still be here when the next one comes around, and the one after that!